Inner Workings

First, lets be clear…Arlack is not the name my mother gave me. *laugh* It is, as I put it, the name the universe gave me. The name that feels most ME. It came to me while playing D&D around 1997ish. And I have been using it, mostly online, since then.

To be honest I have no clue how to start this off. So I will just be myself and try and open up to the world. *smile* My life is not really spectacular. I am a 31 old male homemaker. Some people laugh at me for that, while others think it’s a wonderful thing that a man is willing to stay at home and take care of his kids. I try and pay more attention to the latter. hehe

I have been out of work for some 11 years or so, since my now wife and I had our first child. We were far from ready to be parents. And we had a month to try and figure out how we were going to do things. As I have more patients then her, it was decided that I would take the mantle of “stay at home father”. It has not been easy for me. I have dealt with many issues. But I have recently gotten the motivation to turn my life around. I have been working on my health, trying to get a good outlet (hence the blog hehe), and have plans for the near future to get things on track for a future I wish to see. I intend to use this blog to tell my story, and connect with more people.

My battle with keeping sane while being a stay at home parent, the war on added weight, being the “tree” my family uses for support, and trying not to buckle under the weight of it, my exploits in the kitchen, the entertainment that has kept me from losing it, and the joys of being around my family when all the great moments happen. So stay tuned for more about me and my life. And please pardon the disjointed flow of things. I am not one to put his thoughts down in writing and the flow of my thoughts often take me off track. hehe

As a statement of my personality, Emotions are contagious, so spread happiness! One of my favorite things in life is to brighten someone else’s day. Be it with my new-found passion for cooking, or by trying to be amusing.

I am still working on things here, and this front page does not seem to want to cooperate with me, not sure why the links are not showing at the bottom, so over on your right there should be a list of recent posts. That is a good way to get to the fun stuff!

Good places to start are the links below. And the rest of the “stew” series.

Getting to know the Treetank!

Arlack Stew, 30 years of slow cooking


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