Getting to know the “Treetank”

Sorry about the title, but it’s one of my favorite “nicknames” I earned playing World of Warcraft. Back before dualspec, I was a restoration Druid, but the way I had myself set up, I could heal raids, AND tank heroic instances. Just by switching my gear. First time I tanked a heroic no one had a clue I was actually restoration. And freaked when I changed into a tree after the last boss. hehe

So, as I have not made evident, I am a gamer. *smile* I enjoy video games, tabletop games, and board games as well. A good friend Jake, from highschool introduced me to the world of roleplaying, with AD&D (Advanced dungeons and dragons for those of you not familiar), and fell in love with it. But, as a homemaker, I’ve had many hours of time to kill. And have played many a video game. I am no “fanboy” as I have played on almost every console since atari. But I am primarily a PC gamer, as consoles can not compete with the open nature, mods, tweeks, improved graphics, multi-monitor support, and controls. I have a wide range of game types I enjoy, just not sports. <.< Favorites being RPG’s, as I love a good story.

I enjoy reading, though since I became a parent, my reading has become a rare thing, as I tend to really get into a book, and ignore the world. I have mostly given it up so that I pay more attention to my kids, and the time I COULD lose myself in my book, I would rather spend hanging with my wife. hehe

Recently I have found a love of cooking….though I’ve “cooked” for my family for years, I never really got into it. Quick, cheap meals were the lay of the land. But recently I’ve decided I want to be more active, and have fallen in love with REAL cooking. Making my own bread, pasta, sauces. Short of picking the plants/(some)herbs, and killing the animals myself, I am trying to do it all myself. My wife and kids seem to enjoy it, and Drondra’s (my wife’s alias) coworkers think I should become a proper chef, as they love my food. This adventure in culinary skills is rather new, and I’ve only been doing it for a few months. Guess I have a natural talent for it? All I know is it makes me happy to provide food others enjoy. Spread the love man! hehe

Another point of interest in my life is my weight. Having given up most of my life with the mantle of stay at home father, I put on some weight. A large amount in fact. *frown* But since may of 2012, I have lost almost all of it!, Though in highschool I was “dense” with a weight of 200lbs, with very little fat, I am almost back to that weight, but I do not have the muscle I used to…so I still have much work to do.

So, there you go, a bit more about me. I’ll go more in depth with things as I progress with the blog, and provide a proper “backstory” for who I am. After making so many characters in games, I think I will find it harder to present MY story in a way people can read, then I have done for hundreds of fictional characters. *laugh*


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