Tree trimming time!

Today was a day for change. It has been some 12 years according to my wife since I had a full haircut, or lack of facial hair. So, given the large amount of weight lost this year, I decided it was time for a new look. “New body, new hair/face!”, or rather what I should say is, “Getting my body back from high school days, might as well have the hair (facial too) from the old days as well for a while!” hehe

So here I am now!

Bonus though! Because my hair was some 14″ long, I donated it to locks of love. I planned to do that, and told the lady cutting my hair (sorry, I’m bad with names and can not remember your yours!), that I wanted it bound so I could donate it, and she told me if I donated right there, I’d get the haircut for free!

Sadly my wife is a bit upset about my hair. *frown* As I kept it long this whole time because she wanted it that way. But my love….I can get it back that long in just a couple years!



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