Multicolored foliage.

I guess today I am going to rant a little bit. <.< I am a bit upset over the whole “Happy Holidays” stuff. To me, wishing someone a happy holiday is a good thing. Because our nation is made up of so many faiths, and nationalities, it seems only right to wish EVERYONE a happy holiday. To dismiss every other religion but your own is insulting. There are some that are older then Christianity. Other “holiday” celebrations took place long before Christmas. So please, if you do not know what holiday’s someone celebrates, do not insult a vast amount of people by dismissing the chance they do not celebrate Christmas. If you know what they celebrate, wish them that! If not, be kind enough to others to wish them a general good holiday season. Isn’t the idea to brighten someone’s day? Don’t you say it so that others know you care that they are happy? If not, perhaps you should not say anything at all? For me, I stick with Happy Holidays, unless I know what they celebrate, then I wish them that. Because when I say it I mean it. I really do wish everyone happiness. I am not so egotistical to think that my faith is the only one that deserves happiness this time of year.


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