Slimming of the tree.

I have done it! I have become, a summoner! Wait….that’s not right, how did that go again? Firefly? Featherfire? Oh that’s not it…..OOOh I know now! I’ve lost over 100 lbs!!

March 4th, this year I weighed myself…..only to find out that I had become a great deal heavier then I thought. I knew over the years I had gained some weight. But it did not hit me till then how much. I had to sit down when my Wii fit said I was 298 lbs. That’s a 50% increase in my weight over 11 years or so…..Mind you, back then I was 200 lbs or so, with very little fat. I am 5’10”, with a dense build. 

I was devastated by that. Here I am, a father of 3, and a husband. And I had let my health go. What kind of message was I sending to my kids? To my wife? I put myself at risk for all sorts of nasty things….I had to make a change. I mean, my pant size went from a 32, to a 44…. So I started that day on losing the weight. I spent a week googling things to help me. And settled on a long term solution. Get my eating right, and get back to being more active. Then I pushed it for loss. Purchased a peddle elliptical, and placed it under my desk. Maybe 6 days a week on average I peddled with it. At first I could only keep at it for maybe 10 minutes before my knee’s would scream at me…Now I’m doing it 3 times a day, an hour each. We got my bike back in working order, and I started to take a ride or two a week on the local bike trail. And by local…I mean I can almost see the “entrance” from my apartment. *laugh* helped me a great deal as well. As I spent many months tracking my food, and my workouts. I admit, at first it was a real pain, and I did not like it. But I stuck with it, for my kids, my wife, and lastly for myself.

And here I am now, 107 lbs lighter! Actually weighing less then when I checked in high school (and for a couple years after). Sadly as I am now in my early 30’s, I have more work to do… No longer do I have the muscles I used to, and likely my bones are “lighter” as well. But that is alright. I have reached my “initial” goal. A minimum weight, in the time I allotted myself to boot. I wanted to get back to/under 200 before we head to my wife’s grandmothers for Christmas.

Now the harder work starts. I likely have another 20-30 lbs of fat left to lose, and a lot of muscle to build back up. And I have to wait for the extra skin to “shrink back”. From what I’ve read I will have to wait about a year for it to get back to being tight. And after all that, I will still need to keep tabs on it, and make sure I do not start gaining again. I think I’ll manage. I’ve stuck with it this long, and I feel better then I have in many years. Despite eating so much less then I used to my energy level is much higher, and I’m happier.

For those that might want to know more how I went about it. Simple stuff. Only weigh yourself once a week, at the same time of day every time. (Or around, I do it whenever I get up Sunday morning.) Snack! Sounds odd to some. But keep your metabolism going. I eat breakfast around 8 am, a snack (1/2-1/4 a granola bar at this point) at 10 am, lunch at noon, another snack at 2 pm (the other part of the granola bar hehe), then usually a serving of dark chocolate at about 3 pm (helps with blood pressure, and mine was a bit on the high side), then dinner at 5-6 pm. For how quickly I lost it, I worked out even early on about an hour every day. With the elliptical at my desk it made it so I could do whatever I usually do at my computer and still burn the fat! Been taking more walks as well. On the trail, or something as simple as going to local stores and “window shopping”.

For me the hardest part of it all has actually been my wife. She is not motivated about her weight. I have always had problems with motivation. I tend to go with the flow of those around me. She is now starting to get on board more, and working out. I’ve forced her to eat less…..though she yells at me as she used to almost not eat at all. <.< And I had insisted she eat more. She was TOO skinny when we got together. *laugh*

41 weeks after I started, and with 15 of those with weight GAIN, I have now lost 107 lbs. Because I was getting near that first goal, I cut my very long hair, and shaved my face for the first time in maybe 12 years? I feel younger, so I might as well look it! *laugh* And I look to the future, more motivated then ever to get back in shape. Now not to “stop being fat” but to get my body in shape. I also need a new wardrobe, as I am about back to my 32 pant size! Things look bright there in the near future. *smile* The sun sure is shining on this tree!


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