Withering Tree?

So today is the end of the world eh? People being crazy because they think it is? Self fulfilling prophecy anyone? Today will reveal the true nature of many people. Those that are gullible enough to believe today is the end, will show who they really are. And from the threats going out to schools……many of those people are really crappy indeed. I for one am not so easily swayed by “doom criers”, and am not afraid of the end. I am however afraid of the large supply of morons in the world. Afraid they will do stupid things, and harm people. My wife works at a gas station, and I am a bit worried some idiot will harm her. Only slightly more worried that I might get hit by a car while walking down the sidewalk. So off to work she heads.

Anyone doing more then “crying” about the end of the world, you know, the ones that are threatening schools and the like, should be treated as the terrorists they are. On a day like today, with so many people acting crazy, sending threats to anyone can not be taken as a prank. Even if today is the end for us all, we should not go around harming others. The reaction that should be is one of love. It is disheartening to see all of the negative stuff going around.

I for one wish everyone a great day today. Today is winter solstice and for many that is a day of celebration. And with Christmas so soon, we should all be cheery and spreading happiness. So while others are losing their minds and threatening/doing harm to others, I will try and spread joy. Today is the best day for the “random act of kindness” stuff! So get out there and help balance things out! Be good to your fellow humans, end of the world or not.


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