Clear plastic for the tree.

This holiday season has been a painful one for me. Due to financial issues I have gone a long time with just contacts. Though I have glasses, my head/eyes do not want to adjust to them. And I suffer severe headaches and nausea. I ordered a 3 month supply of contacts from 1800 contacts recently as I was on my last pair. Received my contacts and sad somewhat upset, because the left contact was blurry, and the right one felt like it was broken, as it “hurt” my eye. So I popped those in a case, just in case it was simply my eyes being a pain and not the contacts, and put in a new pair. The right one was fine, but the left was still blurry.

Not a good place to be, only contacts being “wrong” and glasses you can’t really wear? Guh! So I sent 1800 contacts an email, explaining my situation. Within 30 minutes I got an email from them, saying they were sending me the 3 contacts that were wrong, at no charge! And to let them know if that fixes the problem. The only complaint I have is it was standard mail. *laugh* Sadly I spent 6 days with my glasses… pain. Christmas was the worst, with all the kids to tickle and chase around, my eyes just couldn’t handle the “distance changing” so much so quickly. And I was in agony about mid day. Not wishing to bring down my wife’s family, I kept smiling for the most part and trying to be happy. 😛

Yesterday I received a note in my mail that “A package that would not fit in my mailbox was taken to the apartment office”, great….If only I was home, and the mailman walked by my door on the way to the mailboxes….Oh wait…that’s right, that is the case here! Our mailman knows I am a stay at home dad, and home about 99% of the time he delivers mail. Yet he still refuses to take a moment to drop things to my door. And yes I’m sure he knows, he knows my name, and my kids name as he’s been doing this route for years, and I’ve met him at the mailbox many times. 😛

Anyway! I got my contacts at about 6 pm…popped em in and I can see again! This morning I contacted 1800 contacts and let them know, 10 minutes later I get 3 emails…One a reply saying they are going to send me replacements for the other 4 left lenses, and 2 others confirming my “order”. No cost to me, I just need to send the 3 remaining unopened contacts in a prepaid package. Only one other company has ever taken this good care of me, and with this kind of speed. Logitech being my favorite company.

So if you wear contacts, I highly suggest 1800 contacts for your lenses. Though the free shipping isn’t “fast”, the prices are cheaper then my optometrist, and they have much better support.

For me a company is rated more on it’s customer support then it’s products. Things always break, mistakes get made, it’s part of life. A good company takes care of these problems quickly and with care for it’s customers. (A great one also has top notch products *laugh* So 1800 contacts has earned my loyalty today. hehe


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