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So I guess I make good pizza. Not a huge shock given that for a bit over a year I worked at Sbarro’s. I guess I could share the general stuff I do. As in 14 years I don’t think I’ve ever made the same pizza twice. *laugh*

That is the basic recipe for the dough that I use. Though I double the cornmeal, and mix it in with the flour instead of sprinkling it on top. I also often add a tablespoon of olive oil, or extra virgin olive oil or two into the dough. Then, I either roll it out, or “toss” it into shape, place it on an oiled surface, be it a “pizza pan” or just the stone we have in the oven (gotta get a new one, as it couldn’t take 500 degree’s and cracked *sigh*) I put a bit of the same oil on it as I did under it, sprinkle a fair amount of Parmesan cheese, though I use pre-grated Kraft stuff, I prefer fresh Bel Gioioso. I then bake the dough/cheese in the oven at 500 degree’s for a few minutes, 5-10 most likely. I generally just check it a couple times and take it when it’s light brown.

Right now I’ve been using jars of pizza sauce, and barbeque sauce, mixing about a 1/1 ratio as my sauce, though I sometimes use my homemade Alfredo. Once I get some jars and stuff, I intend to make my own pizza/bbq sauce more often. Other then my Alfredo, I add some seasoning to the sauce, whatever I’m in the mood for, often basil, maybe some paprika, oregano  lemon pepper, ya know, whatever I feel like. *laugh* Then top with your preferred cheese, or 3! I like cheddar, muenster and Swiss as a general, but I use whatever I happen to have. Fresh grated is always better then pre shredded. I then top with whatever I have around the house. Though for my household, it almost always involves mushrooms! I saute them first, cook whatever meat if it’s not something like pepperoni. Seasoning the meat as though it would be eaten alone, add some other toppings, like fresh tomato, sweet or green onions. Pineapple is also a big one in the house. Sprinkle a bit more Parm on top. Then, assuming my thought train hasn’t just went and split apart, I pop it in the still hot oven for a few minutes, 5 or so, and take it out when the cheese is nice and melted. Let cool, cut, serve, enjoy!

Would love to hear what you think, try it out and if you change something up next time and it makes it better, I’d love to hear about it. 🙂


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