Sagging branches

It is one of those days, you know the ones right? Well, might help if I explain first! *laugh*

I have some things to do today, but not until later. Have my cousin coming over with her kids, so they can play with mine, and so my wife and I can chat with her. Our neighbor wanted to have a “playdate” so our little ones could hang out, as they keep chattering about each other. But she seems to still be slumbering. And so I’m sitting here, waiting for her to get up, or for lunch, and after that for my cousin. And I am bored. With the future plans looming I have little motivation to do anything. The apartment is mostly clean, kids are playing in their rooms, and I almost feel lost. O.o

With all the activity I’ve been doing over the last year, with losing weight and cooking, I am not a fan of sitting around. Nothing on the dvr for me to watch other then the last 2 episodes of Fringe…and I don’t want to say goodbye to the show just yet. hehe

How many of you get this feeling? This….”wanderlust”? What do you do with it when you have things to do soon?


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