Snow covered Tree

Well, I have a cold morning ahead of me. Sadly I forgot to get everything for my pizza tonight. How is it I can manage to forget the sauce? *gasp* So, with the temperature being 11F, and with snow falling, I get to bundle myself up, and my daughter, and walk a couple blocks to the store. Lucky little girl though gets to sit in our bike trailer, so she gets to remain hidden from the wind, and keep her warmth trapped with her.

And why would I be willing to brave the cold to make some pizza? Because I’m a man of my word? While true, it’s because I have a special guest coming over for dinner tonight. Though it is a bit of a touchy subject for my wife, she invited my first love over. While I have no romantic desires, because I do care about her I want to have her in my life. And I assure you all, only as a friend. 😛 Also my best friend is coming over, as soon as he heard I was making pizza he invited himself *laugh*

Alright, alright! I’ll admit it……the weather isn’t really that big a deal for me, and I wanted to go for a walk anyway! *laugh* Feeling cooped up the last couple days, so I need to go for a walk. Forgotten sauce is just an excuse, as I could just let my wife get it after work. hehe

So I am off to don my winter gear, put together the trailer, and have a nice little walk in the snow. What do you all think? To cold for a walk? How bad does the weather need to be to stop you from going for a walk?

And I’m sure many of you might have a comment to make about my ex coming over, so please, I implore you, leave them below! I welcome your thoughts, concerns and suggestions.Image


And so I return, and have to complain about my gloves….

With the temperature being 11F, and no windchill, after 10 minutes of walking my fingers were red and in pain….Winter gloves eh? For what part of the world? South Carolina?

At least my mask did great!

In fact, other then my fingers, my whole body was sweating by time I got home. 🙂 Guess I don’t need to peddle this morning.


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