Oh how I long for the days of winter being my favorite season. My wife said things changed for me around 2006. I have always had a keen sense of smell, and “delicate” sinus’s. Strong smells making me feel unwell and the like. But since the end of 2006, I have been rather unwell during the winter. I know the direct cause, the heating. Just one evening of having the heater on screws me up. Because of the cold weather that hit us, we had to keep the kids warm, even had the vent in our room closed, though we keep our door cracked for the cats, and to hear the kids. I woke with a sore throat, runny nose and headache. Yesterday I had those 3 still…..but last night I had the heater off, put a couple of space heaters in the kids rooms, and left the central heating off….I also slept “well” instead of my 3 hours the night before. And today I feel worse. My mucus production is still to high, my throat and head still hurt, but now I can hardly talk. >.>

Even when we had humidifies in each bedroom, I still wound up like this with the heater going. Some winters it gets real bad, sinus infection turns pneumonia. Almost every winter since 2006, and often two to three times a year. I used to love winter, I still enjoy the cold more then the heat, and I still love to watch fluffy snow fall….but now winter comes with fear for me. It fills me with dread. As a parent I need to try and keep myself as well as I can, at all times. *sigh* The only bright side of the day is, while my older two have no school, my wife is also home. Day off today, so yay! *laugh*

It has been suggested that I use a neti pot. However I have heard a good deal that can go wrong with those things. And I’ve read more harm they can do then good. I am not a gambling man, I will only bet if the odds are very much in my favor, and so I almost never bet. *laugh* To me the risks of using such a thing seem to high for the reward. What do you think about using them? Know anyone who has used them without problem? How about the other side of the coin? Any suggestions on what I might do to cope with the heater other then moisten the air?


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  1. hopescreations says :

    I have this
    and I love it. I bought it at Walgreens. I don’t use it very often, but I love the feeling afterward when I do (during is gross, I won’t lie).

    Also, have you (or can you) take off your vent covers and stick an allergy filter in there? Or buy an air purifier? It sounds like you have a dust (or something airborne) allergy. Lilly has a dust allergy. It sucks!


    • lordarlack says :

      We actually have two purifiers, sadly the one seems to have a malfunction in it, and I am very unhappy with Honeywell’s support, they use a 3rd party for it, and we have to pay shipping both ways for them to replace it, even under warranty.


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