Whispering branches

I was directed to a rather interesting video on Youtube, and so I shared it on my Facebook page. Now, I am no “nut”, and tend to stay away from such topics in general. Mostly because people often get overly heated about things, and I’d rather avoid having an argument. I prefer to debate. You know, reason, not emotion. And I keep an open mind about things, due to a lack of ego. And so I posted this.

I am not usually one to post links to things, but I found this interesting. While I am not saying I agree, or disagree with the viewpoints expressed here, I still found interesting. If you would like to have a conversation about it, without emotion, and without being closed minded, I’d be happy to. If you wish to flame/rant, or otherwise behave in an immature fashion about the subject of this video, you will not be welcomed. 
Okay, that said, curious about the thoughts of others.

After an hour only two of my friends put anything, and both of them in private chats. One of them thought a couple lines funny and quoted them. We laughed, took the examples to an even more absurd extreme and laughed some more. The other however, questioned my thoughts on the matter. Preferring to be neutral on it, I questioned his opinion, and our conversation quickly evolved into a debate about humans being “animals” or not. After an hour of a rather fun conversation, he had to leave work. *laugh*

I have always found great pleasure in having a conversation about things, to debate others regardless of my viewpoint. I often take a side I do not agree with, not only to test the idea’s and conviction of those I am conversing with, but also to grow my understanding of things. I hate it when people are closed minded. To me it screams “massive ego” to think that you are right, and there is no way anyone else could ever be right unless they agree with you. And yes, I know that I am “closed minded” about being closed minded…..*spinning head*

So I figure I will bring it to my blog. As I said, I welcome a conversation, and will ignore those that wish to flame, or otherwise be a child. 😛 My personal opinion on the matter is irrelevant. I welcome all mature viewpoints though. So, >.> What do you think? Are you brave enough to post about your thoughts? Perhaps you can “be neutral” and have a conversation about it. 

Who is right is not what I am looking for so much as, your view. I expect, and seek no “answer” to the issue. Just a conversation

As always, please like/follow/rate my post if you visit. 🙂

Keep the ego’s aside, and keep conversing with people, even if you do not agree with em. You might learn something, and if you are lucky, you will learn something about yourself. *smile*


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