Weighing a Tree? Are you daft?!

Well, today is a bad morning for my self esteem. Got a new scale, for a couple of reasons. One being how unsure I was at the Wii fit, given that it could fluctuate my weight up to around 10 pounds each weigh in, even if the time between was a mere 20 seconds. O.O The other being the new one runs a small electric charge to check body fat, skeletal muscle and the like.

So I started my morning as I have for the last 10 months or so, get up, turn on the tv and the Wii, place the board on the floor in front of the tv, drop clothes and weigh myself. However I then stepped on the other scale to check to see if they agreed on things. So today either I gained 13 lbs (Wii) or I lost 30 (Omron)……. That is a huge difference.

Guess I should try a different surface. Kitchen it is! Here….sadly they agree, my current weight is 201(.4 Wii, .8 Omron)

I shall go from here, though I may not be as light as I thought I was, I am still a far cry from 300lbs! Now I shall also have other numbers to track weekly. Here, have some new stats!. 😛

Visceral Fat          10         (10-14 High)

Fat                        20.6%   (20.0-24.9 High)

Skeletal Muscle     38.8%   (33.3-39.3 Normal)

So there we are…..Good news is, went and purchased a couple pairs of new pants, and I am wearing a size 32 again. That is what I used to wear back when I was “fit”.

It has been a busy week, and I have done very little exercise, and eaten to many sweets. <.< Got myself a heart rate monitor, and my bike is out of the shop, so I intend to hit it hard this week, if weather permits, and life doesn’t get in the way. *laugh*

For all of you who keep tabs on my weight loss on Facebook, thank you very much. Having it all public like this has helped keep me motivated. And to those of you joining me here on WordPress, I thank you as well. Feel free to leave some encouragements. 😛


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