So, today is a crappy day so far. Some time around 3:30 or so our power went out. Winter here in Michigan, so the temp outside is rather cold, and we had a cold snap last night to boot. The power goes out, I wake up instantly, without my white noise I can’t sleep well. Went in and put a little portable fan we keep around, just for such an event, in the boys room to make sure they sleep. And I try and fall back asleep. My wife heads out to work, and on her walk there the power comes back on, a bit before 6 am. I figure, fine, I am a bit tired, but I’ll manage. Get my oldest off to school, and fall back to sleep while the younger two are still out. My middle child doesn’t have school this week anyway. And lucky he doesn’t, because he’s sick…*grumble* Snotty, lethargic  doesn’t want to eat much, and running a slight temp, about 99-100. Nothing to go overboard about, but gonna keep an eye on him just the same. He is so sleepy right now, doesn’t want to eat his PBJ or chips for lunch….

So I am making split pea soup and rolls for dinner. Cold day out and the wife requested it. I have not felt top notch for a bit myself now, nor has my wife. I don’t have a temp, or any sign of illness other then a general feeling of “blah”

At least it’s not summer and the power goes out!

Because life happens, power goes out, what time of year do you prefer it to go out? And what is your least favorite? I don’t mind so much in fall/spring, usually keep the doors/windows open with the temp from like 70-40 (how open depends on the temperature. :-P) I hate it in the summer, went out once not long ago with the temp around 90….boy did that suck. 


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