Arlack Stew, 30 years of slow cooking! (Part 6)

Tori being pregnant for the third time scared us both a great deal. Though we didn’t think we could manage financially, the real threat was to her life. We looked into why she was pregnant again, and found out there was some miss communication at the hospital. I guess the proper paperwork was not done, and someone marked something wrong. Regardless of what went down, we had a third child on the way. The hospital decided to cover it’s butt, and offered us a settlement, as well as paying all expenses for us to go out to a rather large, and high end hospital, a university. They put us up in the hotel inside the building. So we did something we dreaded, we put the children in the care of my mother for a week. *shiver* And for the first time in many years, we spent days without our children. I tried to look at it as a vacation. Sure Tori was very far along, and it was not at some resort. But there were many things to see, and we tried to keep ourselves entertained. Even took a taxi and did a bit of shopping.

After about a week it was time for them to take our child. And for the second time, I witnessed them dragging my child out of my wife. A site I doubt I will ever forget. In case I missed saying it, I was in the room when our middle child was born. Such a brutal scene. Lucky me, I’ve watch enough horror movies, and have a strong stomach, I was unfazed by it all. Tori however was a complete worry wart. *laugh* Asking about every beep, insisting she be told every detail everyone was doing. And there were some 15 people in the room. Very crowded.

After what felt like not that long, our daughter was born! We got our girl, and we are both very happy about that. And boy did we get a girl… an argument about nature v. nurture. But I’ll get to that later. 🙂

Our daughter was oddly bonded to me from the get go. Once she was brought to our room, she would not allow me away from her. Even while asleep, and me being darn near ninja like in my stealth, she knew if I moved more then a few feet from her. Crying would ensue, and I was not even permitted to use the restroom….even though it was maybe 6 feet away. Tori was not feeling well, and she did not feel like holding our daughter. I looked after her the whole time, taking pictures, cuddling, feeding, you know dad stuff. *smile*

When they let us head home, my best friend Todd drove all the way out to pick us up. When I took em up to see my new child, I had forgotten my ID, and was forced to go back to our room to get it. hehe She handled the ride home rather well. Got our other two from my mothers, and headed home.

Our apartment was not large enough for the 5 of us. Having only really 1 bedroom, and the living room serving as our room, we started looking into getting a new place. We used the settlement to move to a nicer apartment complex in the area. We wanted a 4 bedroom with a fireplace, but they had a long line. We settled for a 3 bedroom without a fireplace, because we really needed to get out of the place we lived.

We purchased some new stuff, but put much of the money away. Sadly, life is what it is, and our savings were eaten away over a couple years.

And here we are still. Life was going alright for the most part. Waiting for our daughter to start school, so I can go back to work. I fully intend to “finish school” rather, get my GED, and make something of myself.

There you have it, the history of Joe. Now that you know some about my past, you can better understand me at present. I am sure I missed a great many details, and have left many stories untold. But I can present them at a later date if I choose. 😛

While my life has had it’s troubles, and I have done a poor job at times, I thank the hardships I have been presented with. I have grown into a strong person because of them. Though I still battle with self doubt, I DO battle it now. I no longer give in, I work every day to convince myself that I am a good person. One deserving of a good life, with a happy family. Then again, <.< I don’t have much of a choice. My wife and children rely on me to be their rock. Or as my wife calls me, her “Tree”.

And so my past has been told, as least in broad strokes. I have many things to talk about. Some of the things I wish to get out into the world are as follows.

My two years leading a World of Warcraft Guild.

Having a child with a genetic learning disability.

My weight gain, and recent loss.

Cooking, my own journey with it.

Life in general, raising kids, dealing with the struggles of our pasts, and presents.

I hope you all will continue the journey with me. I started this blog for a couple reasons. I want to stop internalizing everything, and maybe help myself heal. And because I hope I can help others. I have been hearing a great deal over the last few months how much of an inspiration I am to others. As I said in a different post, I am of two minds on that one. 😛 I shall try and lay it out there for others to view, and hope someone finds solace in my life.

May the light shine on your path, and let nature help you walk it.


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One response to “Arlack Stew, 30 years of slow cooking! (Part 6)”

  1. Drondra says :

    YOU are Deserving 🙂 I love you .


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