Over-watering the tree

So, this week has not been good for my diet so far. >.> I have been stressed out over a few things. Kinda feel like I am getting buried again. And I, like many others, am an emotional eater. Last night I kinda snacked out way to much while playing D&D with my three best friends. Couple that with the feeling I’ve had for about a week now of being really tired, near “crashing”. I’ve been very hungry. It can be hard to stop the downward slide of it all.

While I know a big part of it is stress, I think my sleeping, or lack of much, is causing the issue. Though, I think the sleeping is due to stress. *grumble* I have been working out every day like I should, and most of my meals have been as light as is normal. I have kinda shocked myself by keeping enough motivation to keep at it for the most part. I’d like to thank everyone that has been reading my posts, helps to know there are people out there who care about my health. Keeps my motivation higher. 🙂

For those of you who deal with similar problems, how do you handle it? I’ve more or less been just pushing myself to change, no books, no scouring the web for advice or anything. Just pure “I gotta change somehow”. So some advice might assist. I refuse to seek professional help for depression, drugs are an unacceptable bandage for a mortal wound. Not to mention cost, time, and arrangements for travel, and my kids. 

While I have had some support, it is mostly a “we wish our friend well” kind, and I don’t mean to belittle that. It is a great source of assistance to know people care, and that is a big driving force for my change. But I think I might be at a point were I need more help. Both with depression, and with my weight loss. *laugh*

On a lighter note, I have been thinking of putting our weekly D&D game into story form here on the blog. Any of you interested in reading that? Please leave a comment below to let me know if you are.


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5 responses to “Over-watering the tree”

  1. Carrie says :

    i’d read it 🙂


  2. Ashley Nottingham says :

    Boo! You have to want the change and do it for yourself bottom line. It’s awesome to have the support, but you have to do it because you want to and not for anyone else. This probably isn’t what you were looking for in an answer. I don’t mean this in any negative way. Just so we’re clear I think you have done an amazing job! Not just with changes with yourself, but also your family has benefited as well. Physically and emotionally I feel you have all grown to healthier habits. Love you guys!


    • lordarlack says :

      hehe, Thanks Ashley. I am doing it “for me” in a way. I’m the kind of person that looks out for other people. And taking care of those I care about is priority number one. So getting myself healthy to take better care of them, and make sure I am around for my kids IS because I want to. 😛 *laugh*


  3. Ashley Nottingham says :

    P.S. The *Boo* was just a hey to get your attention. not a Boo I don’t like what you said. lol


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