Tree’s Best Friend.

After years of having a cat that I was allergic to, and was ill behaved because of that, we found a home for him. My wife’s cousin in law decided she wanted our fat Jimmy. Did a meet and greet, made him as comfy as we could, gave em some food, one of our cat carriers and whatnot, few things like treats and a dander spray we had tried to them. Last report is he is doing well. Our other cat seems to be adjusting just fine without him. They did not spend a great deal of time together anyway.

For the first time in many, many years, we now have a dog! My cousin Sabrina took me up to the SPCA yesterday to rescue a puppy. A very cute Labrador Retriever/Husky mix.



Top picture is Ollie, sleeping in his usual spot at “evening tv time”, the bottom is Areamus on the drive home from the SPCA.

So far he is a great puppy. He is learning very quickly, we are working on potty training him, and getting him to sit, stay and whatnot. After not even 24 hours of having him, he already will walk up to the door after going potty, and sit next to the door cute as can be, and wait for me to unlock the door, then walk up the stairs, wait for the next door, and then down the hall and waits next to the apartment door. He still needs to learn not to go IN the apartment, but we are working on it.

The last time I had a dog I was around 15. Long time, and then I didn’t do any of the raising really. So it’s mostly new to me. But I have learned from TV, reading, and from people I know that have had dogs. I forgot to buy treats yesterday when we got him food and things, so I have had a pocket full of dog food until today. When he does what he should, I praise him, and give him a couple pieces of food. He is learning quickly how things work. 

Last night he fell asleep on the couch with Tori.


Today we walked him up to the pet store nearby with the family. He walked a bit of the way, then he was tired and cold, so we put him in the back of the bike trailer we had the two younger kids in, and enjoyed the ride. Got him a good leash, retractable, portable water disk for when I take him on the trail later on, and a cat toy for Ollie, so he doesn’t feel left out that we purchased toys for Areamus. hehe 

Not a single person that came within sight of Areamus didn’t stop and tell us how beautiful of a dog he was. What you can not see in that picture, is he has ice blue eyes, and a curly tail. Instead of tearing around the store, or bounding around as many puppies I have seen, he sat patiently most of the time, wagging and accepting attention, but being well behaved.

As good of a puppy as he is, we still have to teach him the basics. Don’t “go” in the apartment, don’t eat everything in sight. We are very happy with him, spent the last of our money on him and things for him, but he’s a new member of our family. *smile*

Alright, just took a nice pic of his face. hehe



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