Arlack’s 2 Hour Reviews (They only take a few minutes to watch. :-P )

Hey there internet. Arlack here and I would like to explain my 2 hour reviews.

It’s short, but if you prefer a video, click here.

I have known many people who have little time for gaming. But love doing it when they can. Some of them have more or less given up on it though. Watching/Reading other peoples reviews tend to give a broad sense of the game after sometimes dozens of hours. But these people may get a few hours a week to play. So they want to get the most out of that time. As most people actually do not finish games, the earliest stages of the game are the most important for them.

I want to help those people out. So I will spend 2 hours playing a game, recording it for Let’s Plays at the time. Then I will put together a review. Yes, I know I will not get the full scope of the game after 2 hours (Not all games anyway). But that is not the point of these short reviews. They are to ensure that the people who pick it up know what to expect right away, and if the game is worth their precious time. I will be doing longer reviews for games that warrant it.


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