What a company’s customer support says about them.

It is not a matter of if a product will break, or a service does not work right. It is WHEN.

In my life, I have had to deal with the support of many companies. Most are kind of middle ground. Acceptable reply times and real people responding.

There are a few, say Valve, Blizzard, and EA who have less than acceptable support in place. For whatever reason, be it they do not spend enough money, do not have enough staff, whatever, they tend to be days, sometimes weeks in responding. I don’t know about you, but when I need help, I don’t need it in a week.

Then there are a few shining examples of great support. For me, it has been Logitech (At least prior to the last couple years), Amazon, and Treehouse. These companies have support that really does show they care. They are timely in their responses, sometimes within minutes. Automated messages are only used to let you know they received your request. But most of all they have real people you can talk to. No, I don’t expect to “hang” with the support staff. *laugh* But they should present themselves as people you could see yourself doing that with. Actually reading and responding to your emails in a meaningful way. Making sure you can tell they are real people and that they empathize with your situation.

To me, the support structure a company puts into place is a very strong indicator of how they respect (or don’t) their customer base. Yes, those companies spend more money hiring more, and better support staff. BUT they get customers for longer periods of time. Those that will come back to them first for new things.

For those companies like EA who tend to look only at the next quarter, they do not really care about the people buying their stuff. Those boardroom execs have no clue what it’s like. And they do not really care. Long term views of a business  have always shown respecting your customers and treating them well tends to lead to more business. Meaning more profit! It’s called investing in your customer, and yourself. Yes, short term you have to drop some big bucks, but in the end, it will pay off.

I am for sure one of those people that give my business to the companies that treat me like a valued human being, instead of just a pile of cash. (Or at least act like it *laugh*) Because of the support I get WHEN things go wrong, these companies get me to frequent them any time I need something they can provide.

We the consumer really need to look at this aspect more closely. Steer away from the corporate no clues and spend your money on a company that treats you right. What we as a society will get will be more companies that treat us well!

Help me shout out those companies that have gone that extra step for you, to prove they value you! Reply with your experiences! I have too many from the past couple decades to put em all down. But I can list the companies. They are few, but they have earned my loyalty.

As I said above, the companies that I go to first, because of support are as follows. (I will update as needed, but I’m sure it will remain small unless we all work towards better business relations)




Back in the early days of World of Warcraft, Blizzard had GREAT support. They have gotten too large, though, and have not kept up with the support.


Some companies that I avoid, unless I really just have to have what they sell! *laugh* Due to slow, automated, unhelpful or otherwise just very poor support.


Valve (Yeah, I’m hooked on steam….but the support is rather subpar)

Electronic Arts

Blizzard (I miss the good old days of having conversations with support!)

Mad Catz



I do not want these companies to go under. I simply want them to treat us as people instead of dollar signs! Other than EA *grumble* the rest put out wonderful things mostly. Don’t blackball them, so much as relay your dislike for their current business practices.

I hope you all found this helpful, entertaining, or enlightening. Most of all I hope you respond with your own stories! Help the rest of us know the companies we need to have a talkin too, and those we can trust.

Arlack, Patriarch of the Knights of Drisonia


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