Ghost in the shell….the name is too long!

Hey there internet. I bring you my 2 hour review of “Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex First Assault Online”. Boy, what a mouth full! First off, what is up with the freaking huge name? Don’t they know NO ONE is going to be using the full name when they talk about it? I mean….Gstacfao isn’t a very good word! *shakes his head*

What’s a 2 hour review you ask? Simple, check this quick video.

For a video review, go here.

Well, Gstacfao is a first person, online, pvp shooter. The story….well if you are not up to speed, just don’t come for the story. It seems mostly an excuse to make the type of game, not really for the brand. But, whatever.

The sound was done well. The music, at least after I turned it down, became a nice background to the carnage, instead of being intrusive. In fact….I don’t recall hearing it for the most part. Good sound design! The weapon and ability sounds are spot on. Perhaps they could have a bit more impact, but over all they were good. I did like the touch of the characters call out when they use an ability, or reload, or an enemy uses an ability. It’s a nice natural way to convey what’s going on without the players needing to be on voice chat and screaming at each other. heh

The graphics were okay I guess. I didn’t get a chance to change anything. I tried during a fight setup but it wouldn’t let me change anything. And I forgot after. hehe Special effects are well done. The characters move well. I didn’t notice anything odd about them.

I am not a frequent player of this type of game. So my opinions on gameplay are not from that perspective. I felt it all went well together actually. There are varies types of weapons, at least “main” weapons. Assault rifles, sniper rifles, shot guns, and small machine guns. If there are more, I didn’t see anyone using them. They have enough of a feel of impact that they are not dull to use.  You can purchase with in game credits modifications for the weapons. Different clips, barrels, sights and many more.

There are 9 playable characters. Each with it’s own special ability. Each ability has a cooldown and as far as I could tell, they can’t be changed in any way. I witnessed all but one of them, and they all add something to the game. And foster team play. In fact, if you are close when some of the abilities (at tier 2) are used, you can sync up and get the effect as long as you stay near that player. So that also encourages team work. You start by choosing one, but you can later unlock more from leveling up. After 2 hours I had 3 total already, so the pacing is not bad for that.

There is a leveling system. One for your character to unlock “bonus chests” that grant you decent sums of credits. There is also an experience you get to unlock new weapon modifications. Without the bonus credits from leveling, the cost of mods would be WAY too high. 2 hours in and I would not have been able to purchase anything, maybe 1/4 of the way to something cheap. bleh

As a free to play there is a currency you can purchase with real money. However that currency is not used to buy weapon mods or anything. As far as I could tell you use them for outfits. That said, you CAN buy a sort of started pack. Giving you crazy amounts of credits and bonus xp and the like. Typical Pay to win crap. I feel that sort of thing does not belong in any directly competitive game. A person who drops $80 (yeah, there is a pack that expensive) can start off at first level with crazy good equipment. Giving them an edge over everyone else. I’ve seen this kind of thing before, and from what I can tell it tends to foster a “if you are not going to be a whale, you should stay away” attitude. That said, it is free, and you should check it out if that sort of game is for you! I did have a good deal of fun while playing. I am a competitive person, but usually a “my group” not ME needs to do well. (I mean, I gotta do well to help my group, but uh, yeah.) I seemed to have been doing fairly well. While gear plays a part in your ability to kill and survive, skill means much more. As it should! I can’t compare this with other games of it’s ilk really. But I enjoyed my 2 hours, and if I get time, I will go back for more!

I would recommend trying this game out. As it is still in beta, there is not a whole lot to do yet. Only a few levels, and only a couple of game types. Attack/defend points, team deathmatch are all I played. But hey, for free it was worth my time if not my money just yet.

Hope my review has helped you decide if you want to spend some time playing this game or not.

Arlack, out!


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