Absolute Drift slides right off my list

Arlack here and I have a 2 hour review of Absolute Drift. What’s a 2 hour review you ask? Simple, check this quick video.

If you prefer to watch a review then read, click here for my video review.

As there is no story to talk about, the review will be a bit short. heh

Graphics are alright I guess. They are simplistic and barebones. Not “ugly” but not nice to look at. My biggest issue is it is SOOO WHITE! With red objectives, and blue….stuff. The only real color is the car. And you can select from a few colors. You for sure won’t be playing this for the eye candy!

I was not a big fan of the sound. There was nothing wrong with it per say. I found the music too repetitive. I mean the individual tracks. The car sounds were okay. I didn’t feel like I was in the car, but it wasn’t bad. My biggest gripe I’d say is when your car is not on the ground the music fades out. Why? I have no idea. For me it only distracted from the game, and added nothing.

The game handles well I guess. As it’s a drift game the cars are set up to act as though you are ice skating. There are more than a few of them, but mostly handle the same. I played with both a keyboard, and a Steam controller and neither seemed better than the other. When you get better at the game, the sliding and jumping can be fun, but with the music and graphics I lost interest quickly. The challenges are far too easy, at least in the beginning. Half hearted play gave me wins more often than trying. As the meters fill up and don’t deplete. If they depleted when you hit a wall, or went too far from it, that would actually give a challenge. Later in they inject falling off the track to incentivize you to drive better. But by then I was already screwing around to win.

As I’m sure you have figured out already, I can not recommend this game. I guess if you are really into this specific set of parts, then yeah you’ll love it. Perhaps people who really dig drifting can find some fun here. But for me, after an hour it was a slog continuing on.

Hope this review helps you in your decision to get the game. Please remember to subscribe, like, and share. Catch ya later!


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