Zombillie just….guh

Hey there internet. I’m Arlack, and today I have for you a 2 hour review of Zombillie.

What’s a 2 hour review you ask? Check this quick video out!

If you prefer a video, click here!

Sadly, this is going to be another short review. *sigh*

Zombillie is a simple game. It is a top down game, where you play as a zombie caterpillar. You have to work your way around mazes, and are only able to move in 4 directions. If you touch your body, you lose. As the game progresses it introduces different challenges to your maze running. Walls you can break through, paths that are one way, slick goo that won’t let you stop, spikes and I’m sure others. On the level there are timed power ups that let you bypass a type of problem. Such as a hammer to break walls, and spiked shoes for the snot pools. The objective is to eat X number of balls, and when you get that number, a sewer grate opens and you have to get in. The challenge is in figuring out the puzzle. That is essentially what it is. After my time there seems to be a “right” way to do things. And such, it’s a puzzle.

The graphics are not poorly done. The models, power ups and levels are pleasing to look at, if a little grim. I even liked the backdrop, though it was kind of odd.

I am not a puzzle fan. Though I have played some games that have made them fun. When you have more than a few ways to solve it, so you do not have to get inside the devs heads to get it right. Zombillie boiled down to trial and error for me. And that is not very entertaining in itself. As the “gameplay” is base, N.E.S.W. and dealing with powerups, I grew bored quickly.

I was not a big fan of the sound over all. It was rather repetitive. Both the music and sound effects. Not sure what could be done about the second one though, given the type of game it is. After a little while I just turned my sound down and played with just my own banter to keep me company.

I do not recommend this game. As an example of how much. I had technical issues with my recording. I used my DSLR to record myself. The quality wound up crappy as it didn’t autofocus on me. *grumble* Even with that, I tried to get it as an overlay in the corner. Failing that I said forget it. I tend to play 2 hours, recording and having as much fun as I can, then editing it into chunks as let’s plays. But for this one, I am not going to redo a thing. I am simply going to use what game footage I have for the review, and hide it from my steam list.

Hope my review helps in your decision to buy, or not, this game.

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Arlack out!


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