Review: Epistory – Typing Chronicles

I received this game through the Humble Monthly. I had not known of its existence until then.

The game starts out simple enough. You have no real idea of what is going on, as is usual for many games. *laugh* The story unfolds slowly as you go along.

The graphics were well done. I very much enjoyed the art style. The world is paper, and it is bright and colorful, without being over the top.

The sound only had one issue for me. The sound levels were not right to start. The music drowned out the rest of the game. Even after turning that down, the sound effects was too loud to hear the narrator. And the narrator is one place this game shines. Like Bastion this game tells the tale as you walk through the world through the narrator. While not nearly as funny as Bastion, it is well delivered. The female voice bringing the world to life for you is pleasing to listen to. Sound effects for the world are good. They might lack some impact, but overall I enjoyed them.

Gameplay is an oddball. Far often games that try and do things differently fail spectacularly. Epistory, however, is wonderful. If there are other games like this, I have never seen them. Assuming it is unique, I forsee many more games like this in the future.

Essentially you walk around and type your way through the wonderful world. You are free to wander around finding hidden things and enjoying the atmosphere. For battle or loot gathering you type a word that is above the object. Some require multiple words to unlock. Sometimes it is just a letter, say “I”, and sometimes it could be a string of letters, like “qwert”. More often than not it is a word that is somehow associated with whatever it is. Say using fire on brambles would be something like magma or what have you.

As you go the words get longer, and the enemies have more of them to defeat them. I had the game difficulty on adaptive and I was having a blast. You do just that too! When you type the correct word for a creature you throw some force of nature. Be it just pure energy, fire, ice or lightning. Each energy type has its own special properties. Fire will ignite the creature and when it is “done” it will finish the next word on that creature for you. Ice stops the creature from moving for a moment. Spark (Lightning) will jump to a nearby target, but only if it has one or more words left to destroy it. One other great thing they implemented is you “type” with one element at a time. To switch, you type its name. Fire, Ice, Spark. Then you type the word you want to use. Some creatures require a specific element, as do many objects. Giving later gameplay a more hectic feel. A good one though.

Each enemy and object you destroy, or patch of dirt you have a tree spring from gives you points. It also starts a combo meter. The faster you chain things, the more points you get. The points are not just for epeen here. They are useful as you can use them to unlock powers. Such as moving faster, freezing longer, adding to the time you get to get combos and the like. Even better, if you remember the name of the upgrade y0u want, you can just type it in and it will add the points. I love that!

I will not spoil the story, so I will say little. I will say that I was very much engaged. I felt for the character and wanted to know exactly what was going on. I had to force myself to stop to eat lunch. *laugh*

As you can tell I give this game a glowing BUY! As I wish to get many reviews for my viewers I have not been playing too many games. I spend a couple hours for my 2-hour review, less if I am having no fun. hehe But this is a game I intend to play to the finish! I will be recording for the sake of my let’s plays.

As always I hope my review will assist in your choice to buy or not this game! 🙂

Catch you in the next review!

Arlack out!


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