Review: Road to Ballhalla- Rolls to my funny bone

Greetings people. Arlack here and today I share with you a kinda trippy baby of Marble Madness and Tron. <.< It is a puzzle action game. You are a ball, on your way to Ballhalla. On your journey, you will face many challenges. Worst (best?) of these is the “narrator” . Throughout the levels, text appears on the levels. Giving you tips, jokes, but mostly tricking you. Sometimes the jokes hit home, and I giggle. Other times I just blink and move on.

If you prefer a video, please click here.

The gameplay is much like the old Marble Madness. You are a ball rolling through levels, trying to not get hit by things, and not roll off. As far as I got the levels were all flat, unlike MM. But the dangers keep coming. Lasers, plasma balls, giant balls, open cliffs, invisible paths. So the mechanics are simple enough. Are the levels enjoyable though? Not so much for me. I did not find them challenging. Though one changed your perspective, and it was more annoying than hard. To “win” you earn tokens, or points or something. *laugh* Each level can reward you with 8. On each level, there are orbs to pick up if you get 100% of these you get 4 points. And the other four are based on how many times you fall off. So this is one to go through thoughtfully instead of quickly. The one thing I did like was that every level added a new challenge. It was nice to have new things to contend with. The game would have been annoying if you simply did the same thing with just different levels. heh

Graphics are minimalistic. The levels are made of up squares, so no smooth edges around stuff. And all are colored a neon blue, reminding me of Tron. The later levels are gold instead of blue at least. Your ball is more detailed, It’s on fire, and looks rather neat. I saw just as I quit that as you progress you unlock new colors for your ball, blue, red, and others. You also can unlock a trail, leaving behind different numbers of flame trails behind you, colorable as well. I dig that, as you can sort of make it your own. The only other color I saw were the dangers, most being red, some being blue later in. Not exactly eye candy, but at least it was not an eye strain as some minimal games can be. *Looks at Absolute Drift*

I……hmm, can’t recall the sound at all. I will go back and watch my footage so I can comment on it, but the fact I do not remember it at all says something in itself. *laugh* Okay, so the music is rhythmic, and kinda calming actually. Sound effects for your ball being destroyed, or smacking into something are well done. Looking back, no sound was bad, just not memorable for me.

There is no real story, I mean, you have the objective to get to Ballhalla, but they never really lay out what or why. At least I did not see anything. It is merely an excuse for the game to exist. *laugh*

All in all, It was not a game for me. I did not regret my time with it, but I have no desire to return. If the idea of rolling around dodging things and running over orbs and falling into a hole to explode and move on appeals to you, get it. *laugh* There is a bit of puzzle solving, but nothing spectacular. I’d say check it out for yourself, maybe grab it on sale. Or if you get it in a bundle, install and play it. It’s worth checking out at a low cost at least. Unless that sort of game is really big for you. As things are done well enough, I have no reason to say don’t get it.

As always I hope my review will assist you in your decision to obtain the game or not.

Catch you in the next review.

Arlack out!


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